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In this article, we will find what are resources and how to use them.

We all are using Google’s search in our daily life. We search for business, services, shopping, entertainment, goods, reading, news, and problem solving. We all want to maximize our online marketing to increase ROI. Let’s research over the internet to achieve benefits from the online audience. We are aware of powerful search engine, which helps us to run our life. But as a small/ Medium/ Large business owner, you need to be thinking about how people are looking your you in the market.

First, do an initial analysis by yourself, you must check peoples are looking for your services/ product onlne? if yes, you should hit the market with the help of online audience. You can assessment of your SEO at https://thewhiteseo.com to look for your services online.

The BIG question is “How to get online traffic/ Audience?”

There are 2 ways to get the benefit of customers/ business online

1. Website : This will return more only if your customer are looking for services/ products at google.

2. Social Media: This is the best way to announce about business, services and product.

After getting website done, most of owners face exact same problem – no customers. There is only lack of search engine optimization, evaluate your marketing strategies to grow your business online.

In fact, today there are many companies in market to get a great position on Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) for your website. And a lot of tools to analyze Search engine optimization. In this article, we will study, what are the resources actually are and how to best use them. One of the trusted SEO company in India is The White Seo. Free assistant for all things related to search engine optimization (SEO) on your website. Would you like to see your website in top searches? Your site will appear on Google within few months of signing up. The White SEO Agency also develops a personalized plan that you can follow to improve your ranking on your SERPs.

6 Steps to Get Your Website Found on Google

  1. Submit your site to Google Search Central.
  2. Choose the perfect keywords.
  3. Manage your meta tags, Title tags, Description.
  4. Optimize for mobile.
  5. Local Business Listing.
  6. Do-follow Backlinks.

Step 1: Google Search Central, is here to make your website discoverable to Google Search. Google help the right people to view your content.

Step 2: Keywords are the words that audience search. Choosing the right keywords for your content is to attracting organic traffic to your website.

Step 3: Meta tags are invisible tags that provide data about your page to search engines and website visitors. It must have keywords and complete information about your services and products.

Step 4: Today, most of people use smartphones as sole computer. There are 4 billion users use smartphones, and 1.2 billion use computers. Website must be optimize for mobile responsive.

Step 5: Improving your presence on business listing, it means your business information will available to wide audience of local searchers.

Step 6: Do-follow backlinks have an awesome role in digital marketing. It allow Google, or any search engine is being used, to follow them and reach your website. Basically, these are links that will pass on the SEO benefits of the website where it is built from to the hyperlinked website.


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