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August 02, 2020
Marketing / Media

01. Turn your smartphone into Dive computer, Underwater camera, and Photo-synced log book with Diveroid.


Buying a diving computer, compass, and camera separately for your dive can get pricey over time and not to mention they are very bulky and can weigh you down while diving. At DIVEROID, we thought of bringing the convenience of having a smartphone always on hand, with the technology of monitoring your dive. Our product includes a dive computer, compass, and logbook all in the palm of your hand. A Diving computer is an essential piece of safety equipment, especially for your first dive. It prevents accidents by measuring the depth, dive duration, and the ascending speed. DIVEROID is the only existing dive computer with an all-in-one solution.

02. Working Process

A Kickstarter campaign has already gathered over ten times is funding goal for a campaign that aims to produce a smartphone dive camera system that uses your smartphone to take pictures as well as display live data about the dive itself. Diveroid is an underwater housing kit that comes with a mini dive computer and a app that turn the users smartphone into an underwater camera while using the phones screen to display dive information and maintain a log of the dive. The housing accepts multiple models of smartphone and uses a set of three physical buttons to control the phone. The app connects to the mini dive monitor and the smartphone and displays depth, time and temperature information as well as guiding the diver around precautions such as avoid decompression.

  • Safety Alerts – DIVEROID provides real-time diving safety alerts (even while filming and taking pictures) to prevent decompression illness by measuring depth, time and ascent speed with bright colors and vibration at any time during your dive. The device’s intuitive animation will let you know what to do at a particular depth to stay safe.
  • Durability – DIVEROID features a Double O-ring system with a 60m (200ft) waterproof range, and is made with quality materials, including scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and Polycarbonate with glass fiber for high strength and durability, to stand up to ocean conditions. The device’s built-in battery also lasts for more than 500 dives, which is an estimated two years.
  • Affordable – DIVEROID is more affordable than most of the dive gear on the market and includes comprehensive features typically only found in more expensive models.
  • Anti-Fog System – Fog inside the housing ruins underwater pictures. DIVEROID has a built-in system, including five ‘Heat sink™’, which drains the heat, so it prevents fogging.

03. Perfect Result

The app takes over the phone’s camera function and offers ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle, zoom and selfie shooting modes, as well as options to record video. A red-filter effect can also be applied in the app to offer real-time preview and recording that compensates for the loss of red at certain depths.

The Diveroid kit is available for $249 via the Kickstarter campaign but will retail from $418 once it is in full production. The first units are expected to ship in February 2021. For more information see the Diveroid Kickstarter campaign page.