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August 01, 2020
Development / SEO Marketing

01. The Challenge & Solution

Search Engine Optimization – Do you know 70% of population are used to buy/ sell/ service online only. only 30% populating used to shop on physical stores in their busy life. Can it get better to boost your website online? Search engine optimization (SEO) is about optimizing your website for the search engines. webbempire.se is the global search engines optimization agency in Sweden. The aim of website is to make their users happy, therefore websites that meet the users’ wishes are rewarded with higher rankings. Be Better Online has cutting-edge expertise in search engine optimization. The white seo is helping our ventures together, we have started in 2010, we are an SEO Agency.

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02. Working Process

By appearing high in the organic search results, Webbempire is able to drive interested customers to their site in a cost-effective and long-term way. SEO, when it is well implemented, often gives tenfold or even better return on investment. It is easy to believe that SEO is something mysterious, your SEO agency does something secret online and you get customers from Google. This is not how it works, although SEO can be complex, who work with SEO work with an algorithm. Admittedly a complicated algorithm but still nothing more than a computer trying to understand and sort information on the internet. Domain Rating is 29 with 62k backlinks- 99% are Do-follow backlinks data as on 18th of December 2020. 

webbempire.se Backlinks

03. Perfect Result

Implementing SEO strategies help you to rank higher on the search engine’s results page (SERP). This means that when your target customers search for products and services that your industry offers, they are likely to find your website. When you repeatedly appear on the SERP, users become aware of your site and your business. This increases the chances of landing potential customers on your webpages. SEO is less expensive than other online marketing approaches. It also offers higher reward rates when compared to other techniques such as social media marketing, pay per click advertising, and email marketing.