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Blog Posts Will Help Your Website to Get More Conversions!

The most frequent of our discussions with our customers is the value of blogging. The first question that usually asked: Why blog will help our website to get more conversions! For years, marketing experts have emphasized the importance of blogging for digital success. But it’s 2020 now most of the Businesses found their blogging resources.

Before we start the importance of blogging for SEO and conversions. Let’s clear up some of the misconceptions that exist around blogs.

Blog today – bring you to the topic in a blink of an eye!

Blogging is most popular among today’s websites. Furthermore, it has become common for most marketers. Who want to release a product or services, as it is a much easier option than presenting a story to a journalist.

True, blogging has become an important part of the online countryside. Instead of blogging about your weekend trip, companies started blogging about their products. The blog post contains how-to guidelines and valuable articles around the business. News organizations such as TV websites and magazines also started, blog posts became articles, news, and even video posts that we know today as vlogs.

A blog attracts traffic to your site in many dimensions such as social media, SEO, and learners. A blog will help a business understand its personality better.

Let’s fast forward with this. Nowadays, people don’t want to know about yesterday, or what you are eating this morning. It is also not about your product, because a blog is considered as an advertising tool.

  • At this time, when many brands are pivoting toward more video and social media marketing, is blogging still important?
    • The answer is “yes!” For businesses starting- a marketing strategy, blogging is a marketing tool with a low barrier to entry and a tangible payoff.
    • For more established brands, a blog is an ideal anchor for a multi-faceted marketing strategy.
  • In fact, having a blog on your website improves your Google ranking by as much as 400%! Regular blogging with high quality content improves your Google ranking.
    • A blog is a valuable article that helps the reader.
    • Blogs can solve a problem, or provide valuable knowledge, or to entertain.

The more you update your site with fresh content, the more opportunities you have to strengthen your SEO and be indexed higher by search engines.

Blogging has become mainstream and every company engaged in online marketing, especially SEO, has at least one active blog. Yet, to be successful, your blog posts need to remain great.

Let me explain, how does it help to business website?

A consistent blog strategy consists of continuous blog posts based on

  1. Professional SEO keywords
  2. Thorough target audience research will drive traffic to your blog posts!
  3. Traffic is not necessarily converting users because they are grateful to read the article, and then leave.
  4. If you create so much traffic to your website, it means that Google has started trusting your content and website!
  5. Blogs improves the click rate and bounce rate of a website.
  6. Blogs helps to move up the search engine rank- Reaching a large audience helps you increase your ranking position on Google.

Once you establish search engine’s trust, it’s time to come up with a sales strategy on your website. This is called sales funnel in online marketing. Your marketing funnel requires amazing content at all levels. Your website is providing valuable content and is worth ranking high on search engine result pages.

Now that Google accepts your website as a highly valuable resource for the user and that specific business, it will also start ranking all other product and service pages of your website.



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